Well, this was unexpected. adidas has just taken to social media with a mysterious teaser image that reworks their iconic white and blue three stripe branding. Captioned “A new Beginning”, the shot showcases a bold orange background with three stark black stripes running across the middle.

While nothing else is known about this just yet, Dan Freebairn of Kick Posters suggested that the inverted stripes could mean that adidas are about to release a Consortium collection where they have made iconic colourways ‘negative’ and the boxes are orange and black. This would be pretty insane, as there have been a ton of sneakers that we wished were inverted. That said, Freebairn did also say that he’s “not in the know”;, so only time will tell.

Other ideas include a Childish Gambino collaboration, a PornHub partnership, and of course, the Pokémon collection that we showcased last month. This would make sense as the image kind of resemble’s Pikachu fur with its striped back, but at the same time, it’s not the right shade of yellow and the Pocket Monster’s stripes are actually brown.

At this moment in time, pretty much nothing else is known about this mysterious adidas teaser, so be sure to keep it locked at The Sole supplier for more news as it develops! What do you think it is? let us know, and while you’re here, be sure to take a look at the full adidas sneaker range!